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Translations for UPXShell v3.2.x - July 05, 2005 - Expand/Collapse
Updated List on: 2005-12-20 (yyyy-mm-dd | GMT+1/CET)

We need some new translations for this new version of UPXShell.
We currently have 8 fully updated translation.

Fully Translated Languages:
- English (Native)
- Dutch (Nederlands)
- Chinese (Simplified) - Thanks to yykcctdq
- Chinese (Traditional - BIG5) - Thanks to Li Bojun
- Chinese (Traditional - GB18030) - Thanks to Li Bojun
- German (Deutsch) - Thanks to Benjamin Pahlke
- Brazilian - Thanks to Euler German
- Italian (Italiano) - Thanks to Marco Tettamanti
- Bosnian (Bosanski) - Thanks to Vedran Matovi?
- Russian - Thanks to Andrey Aleksanyants
- Hungarian (Magyar) - Thanks to Kókai Mátyás
- Hungarian (Magyar) Help File - Thanks to Kókai Mátyás

Partially Translated Languages:
- Czech
- Spanish (Espanol)
- French
- Makedonski
- Polski
- Portugese

Other languages are not translated yet.

If you want to translate UPX Shell to your language, then download the English.lng file, and translate it to your language.

To make the translation process a litlebit easyer, you can download a program called Ini Translator.
Read more about it in translations.txt.